Titan Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Titan have made themselves a big brand in the market for water heaters. However, with the sheer volume of water heaters they have on the market, we thought it best to write up Titan tankless water heater reviews for the 5 best products we could find. This will help you decide on which the best tankless Titan water heater is for your home and hot water needs! On top of that, we’ll also go through the advantages of having these tankless heaters in your home, so that you can be extra sure of your choice!

Now that you know our top 5 picks for the best Titan tankless water heaters out there, let’s look into why we think they deserve to be on this list. We’ll delve deep into each product here, and you can then figure out which is the best for your needs!

Top 5 Best Titan Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater 220 Volts

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater

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The first unit we have for you is the Titan SCR2 N-120, and this is definitely one that can easily be the best water heater for your house. It comes with the capability of lasting you for many years thanks to its great build. This is also helped by the fact that the stainless steel build inside helps fight off corrosion and sedimentation within the mechanism.

The Titan SCR2 N-120 also does great in terms of meeting your needs for endless hot water. With a flow rate of 4 GPM, you can drive hot water to multiple rooms and appliances in your whole house, with ease. It also comes with an interactive digital display, and this helps you optimize how efficient you are with your temperature adjustments without any error. You won’t find much to complain about with this appliance, and you’ll easily get all your hot water needs met at any time you need it. 

Overall, the Titan SCR2 N-120 is one of the best tankless water heaters out on the market, and you can’t really go wrong with it. It also comes with great energy saving features, and this will allow you to save money and power in the long run, with all your hot water needs being met. While this unit is great in doing what it should, in the colder climates, it can be a bit lackluster and might require extra time in getting your hot water ready.


  • Durable build
  • Digital interactive display
  • Good energy saving features
  • Can handle large hot water needs


  • Not the best in cold climates

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Titan SCR4 Tankless Water Heater

Titan SCR4 N-180, Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Our second product is the Titan SCR4 N-180, and it barely got edged out by our first choice. This is however, another great TItan product on the market, and it comes with a flow rate of 5 GPM, allowing you to drive hot water with ease to most house appliances and rooms. This allows you to never be caught up waiting for hot water for your showers or dish washing needs.

The Titan SCR4 N-180 is also a small and compact model when it comes to tankless water heaters. This allows for it to be placed anywhere of your convenience. It also comes with a wall mounting feature, meaning you have an even higher number of choices when it comes to placement. Another nice feature is that this water heater unit comes with self modulation technology, allowing it to work well in order to get the hot water to you, and keep itself running for a long time. It is also designed to deal with hard water (water with high amounts of minerals), and ensure you get the right quality of hot water. 

Overall, the Titan SCR4 N-180 is a surefire choice for you to love using electric water heaters, and you can have easy temperature control of your water with the use of the interactive digital display. The only drawback of the Titan SCR4 is that it doesn’t do that great in warmer climates, making it less optimal for then.


  • Small and compact with wall mounting
  • Digital interactive display
  • Self modulation technology helps optimize the unit
  • Good with hard water


  • Isn’t the best when working in hotter climates

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Titan N-85 SCR2 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Titan N-85 SCR2, Electric Tankless Water Heater

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The next water heater review is on the Titan N-85 SCR2, and it is one of the best compact and portable Titan heaters out there. With its small size, you can pretty much have its point of use anywhere you want. It has a brass casing, along with dual nichrome and incoloy burners, making it a great investment due to its longevity. You’ll be sure to have hot water on demand for a long time!

The Titan N-85 SCR2 is one of the best Titan water heaters for small apartments or RVs. With its 3 GPM rate, it can supply hot water to 2 to 3 appliances in the house with ease, and you can be sure to have the proper water temperature when you need. It also comes with a very good technology built into it, and this ensures that the unit is very energy efficient and can save your power and bills in the long run. Not only that, but your hot water needs will come with the assurance of energy efficiency as well. 

Overall, the Titan N-85 SCR2 is one of the better Titan water heaters, especially for smaller living areas. It also comes with a digital display like the others, and this will minimize your effort when trying to make any adjustments.


  • Small and compact
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Digital display
  • Long durability


  • Cannot sustain a big house, or multiple large appliances at simultaneously

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Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater

Titan N-120, Electric Tankless Water Heater

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The next tankless water heater we have is the Titan N-120, and this is one of the most popular Titan water heaters on the market. It is a small and compact water heater, ensuring its capability to be attached almost anywhere without any hassle. It also is made of heavy duty materials, making it a good choice for longevity without you having to worry about it giving way. 

The Titan N-120 has very innovative technology placed into it in order to help it run much more efficiently. One of these features is its ability to fight off dry starts, which happens to be one of the biggest problems in tankless water heaters. Not only that, it also provides a much more accurate temperature setting for your hot water with the temperature sampling mechanism built into it. This also helps to fight off the dry start issue. It is also a very energy efficient unit, making sure you end up saving tons on your water heating costs in the long run. It comes with a 4 GPM rate, which will provide hot water to your whole house with ease.

Overall, the Titan N-120 is definitely one to look out for. Of course, it also comes with the digital interactive display, making sure you get that extra bit of ergonomic advantage by using these models. The one drawback with this unit is that its complicated installation process requires it to be installed by a professional


  • Small and compact
  • Very durable
  • Good technology to fight off basic problems
  • Digital interactive display


  • Needs to be installed by a professional

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Titan N-270 Tankless Water Heater

Titan N 270 Electric Tankless Water Heater

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The Titan N-270 is the last one on our list, but this is another impressive model of the Titan water heaters list. It is small and compact, allowing it to be installed almost anywhere, along with the fact that it can last you for ages due to its impressive stainless steel build. Definitely a good investment.

The Titan N-270 can be used for your whole house, with its 5 GPM flow rate, making you certain about receiving hot water on demand for the showers and appliances in your home. It even comes with the technology to ensure you get an effective rise in water temperature even in cold climates, so it doesn’t lose its heating capability. You can receive endless hot water, despite it being a hot climate or a cold climate. The Titan N-270 is also a very efficient unit, and it can easily help decline your bills and power consumption in the long run, all the while making sure you always have hot water!

The Titan N-270 is a one of the better Titan water heaters, and you can’t go wrong with it. It also has the digital interactive display, meaning all those other great features are even easier to monitor and adjust at the tip of your fingertips with no error. This one however, is also not easy to install, which is the only drawback. You’re going to need a professional to take care of that.

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  • Very small and compact
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Good GPM, and can provide to the full home
  • Works great in cold climates


  • Needs to be installed by a professional

Why A Titan Tankless Water Heater?

We’ve given you a whole article on the best Titan tankless water heaters, but what are the actual advantages of opting for a Titan tankless water heater over any other ones? Well, let’s look into what benefits you can reap out of Titan tankless water heaters.

  • Titan tankless water heaters are usually made small and compact in size, ensuring anyone can attach them in their homes wherever they like. They also have different types of application; point of use water heater or whole house water heater. This versatility gives the consumer more choices to get the perfect one.
  • As far as electric water heaters go, they are much cheaper and more reliable when it comes to other types of water heaters such as gas tankless water heaters. Thus a Titan tankless electric water heater can help you in the long run, especially the ones we have mentioned in the reviews.
  • As you have seen with the Titan tankless water heaters in our reviews, a lot of them have very innovative technology applied to them, making them long lasting, and also a lot more efficient when it comes to providing the hot water. Titan is known to make drastic improvements to the tankless water heater mechanisms with their upgrades, so you’ll be sure to reap the benefits. They’ve even managed to negate the need for an On/Off button on the heater with such technology.
  • Titan tankless water heaters are good at dealing with hard water (as shown by some in our reviews), and they can ensure you always get clean hot water.
  • Titan tankless water heaters are already reliable, but you also get a 30 day cash back with their models, plus one year warranty to ten year warranties depending on the models you’re looking at. Overall, definitely a very trustworthy brand to buy from.

Types of Titan Water Heaters

Titan being a big brand themselves have emerged into the water heater business with a few different types of heaters to make sure they have something for most people! None of their water heaters require ventilation (direct or power), and they are all electric! They are perfect for people who want to install them indoors, and are made better by the fact that they are very space saving in terms of size.

Where Are Titan Water Heaters Made?

Unlike most water heater manufacturers, Titan is actually based in the US, which has helped its economy out a lot. To be precise, they are based in Florida, under the Niagara Industries company. Not to mention, they can take advantage of various local experts for advancements in their own products.

Titan Water Heater Installation

Since Titan water heaters are all electrical, you will need to have some sort of electrical knowledge to be able to install them. We highly recommend you get a professional to help you out otherwise. Titan water heaters deal with 220 V electrical lines, which can be very dangerous for people with little or no experience.

If you do have the knowledge for it, then you can definitely decrease the cost down to nothing. However, if you are calling a professional, you can look at a range of $300- $1100 range for the installation process. However, before you buy a Titan water heater, make sure that the one you want matches the specifications of your home. You will need to consider the inlet and outlet sizes (usually 1/2 inch) to the available voltage and many other factors in your home, to ensure it is optimal for the specific water heater.

If all that is good to go, you then need to consider the cost. The range we provided is based on the size of your water heater. The smaller the water heater, the lower the cost. We also recommend that you hire someone with a good knowledge of electrical equipment, especially water heaters, since there can be a lot that goes wrong, both with the water heater and the person installing it.

If done right, you’re looking at a great water heater for years to come!

Warranty for Titan Water Heaters

Remember we said that Titan water heaters last for years? Well, they do! People have said that theirs have lasted for around 20 years of usage. As for warranties, the electrical parts of the water heater have a 1 year warranty on them, but customers have said that they’ve used them for 8 years without much distress. The heating element itself will have a 10 year warranty, making it a great value for money purchase. Not to mention, after you purchase the water heater, you have 30 days to decide whether you want to return it or keep it.

Customer Service for Titan Water Heaters

With a big brand like Titan, you expect reliable and professional customer service, and they are known to deliver on that front! From buying your water heater to actually setting it up, you can acquire help from multiple staff throughout the process. They even have an email to help you connect to an engineer, if you are facing any problems: Titantech@engineer.com

Titan Water Heater Problems and Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary for any machine that you buy, and the same goes for Titan water heaters. The main thing you want to stave off is any sort of sediment or lime buildup. This can be done via chemicals found on the market, but you should definitely do proper research on them. Also, make sure to read the water heater manual for any sort of technical malfunction that can happen.

What Makes Titan Tankless Water Heaters Unique?

Titan water heaters are state of the art machines, and they definitely are worth the money you pay for them. As for convenience and uniqueness, they boast LCD screens which allow you to control multiple features including water temperature. They are also built to last for a long time without rusting. What helps it further is the ability to check the temperature of the water in the tank 21 times within a second. All the models are also powered by electricity and indoor builds, while being very compact.

Let’s also not forget that they are a very well renowned brand that ensures good quality and service, allowing you to always get the best out of the water heater.

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The Takeaway

If you want to use a tankless water heater in your home, then hopefully our Titan tankless water heater reviews have helped you come to a decision on which is the best choice for you. Always make sure to look through all the choices to ensure you know exactly what you need. If you need water in your whole house, then make sure to get one with a high flow rate with the correct application type. There are so many models to choose from, you won’t have any problem getting a temperature rise for the water in your home! So, make your choice today and get the perfect one!