Reliance Water Heater Reviews: Complete Reviews in 2023!

Reliance is a very well known brand across the world, and for a good reason. They even deal in bringing you the best water heater out there, and that’s why we’ve gone and made an entire article, reviewing 5 of the best Reliance water heaters out there. In our Reliance water heater reviews, you’ll be able to learn why we placed them in this list, and we’ll also leave in other information. All this information will allow you to pick out the best water heater with amazing features for your house!

Reliance Water Heater Comparison Table

Reliance 6 Gallon Electric Water HeaterWeight: 33.3 PoundsType: Tank, Electric Water HeaterWarranty: 6 year limited warrantyCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance 2.5 Gallon Water HeaterWeight: 20 PoundsType: Tank, Electric Water HeaterWarranty: 6 year limited warrantyCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance 10 Gallon Electric Water HeaterWeight: 41 PoundsType: Tank, Electric Water Heater
Warranty: 6 year limited warranty
Check Price on Amazon
Reliance Propane Tankless Water HeaterWeight: 69 PoundsType: Tankless, Electric Water HeaterWarranty: 5 year limited warrantyCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance 20 Gallon Water HeaterWeight: 68 PoundsType: Tank, Electric Water HeaterWarranty: 6 year limited warrantyCheck Price on Amazon

Now that you know our best 5 products when it comes to Reliance water heaters, let’s take a look into why we have them on this list, and why they would be a great addition if you decided to get one!

Top 5 Reliance Water Heater Reviews

1. Reliance 6-Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater

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Our first and best product (according to us), is the Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6, which is a 6 gallon electric heater. One great feature about this water heater is the fact that it is very compact and can host 6 gallons of water with ease. So, you can install this water heater under any sink or anywhere in your house, without it becoming a burden for you!

Reliance electric water heaters come with great innovation in order for you to want them, and so does this unit! It hosts two different inlets for cold water and hot water on the side. Why? It allows for easy installation without any hassle, especially if you want to tuck it away in a nice corner. The convenient and small design already makes this a worthwhile investment, all the more so with the 6 year warranty you receive on the unit as well. This ensures you’ll be able to trust in this water heater without worrying too much about it. The Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 is also very affordable, and makes it an even more prominent choice for the being the best out there!

Overall, with its design and affordability, the Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 is definitely one of the best Reliance water heaters out on the market, and you should definitely look into it. Unfortunately it does have a drawback, but it’s to do with the delivery. A few people have left reviews stating that the product they received was already damaged.


  • Comes with factory built temperature and pressure valve
  • Glass lined tank is more durable
  • Inlet and outlet connections on the side for easy installation
  • Comes with 1 inch foam insulation


  • Some customers reviewed getting damaged units

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2. Reliance 2.5 Gallon Electric Water Heater

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Next up, we have another Reliance electric heater for your hot water needs, and it is the Reliance 6 2 SSUS K. This is another small and compact water heater, which enables you to install it almost anywhere you want to. It comes as a runner up for us because of its 2.5 gallon capacity as opposed to the first water heater with a 6 gallon water capacity.

The Reliance 6 2 SSUS K is an optimal water heater for small homes, as it can easily distribute the hot water around your house. It also comes with an easy installation process, made even easier by its small size. What’s even better is the fact that it comes with a factory made temperature valve and pressure valve, making it all the more reliable for long term use. You’re reassured of its quality even further as you notice its 6 year warranty, meaning Reliance has belief in this product for being a long term investment.

Overall, the Reliance 6 2 SSUS K definitely comes off as a worthwhile investment. You’ll be even more thrilled to hear about its low price, making it all the more accessible to everyone. Receiving hot water with ease with its point of use application, makes this one of the better choices out there. Unfortunately, it is held back by its limited use, due to the low capacity it has.


  • 2 inch foam insulation
  • 4500 Watts/ hour input meets hot water needs
  • 1500 Watt stainless steel heating element


  • Has a low capacity, and so has limited use

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3. Reliance 10 Gallon Electric Water Heater

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We have another small and compact unit in our next choice, and it is the Reliance 6 10 SOMSK. You can easily fit this unit under any sink or crawlspace, and happily enjoy the 10 gallons of hot water it can funnel to your appliances. It is also easy to install, allowing you to have faith in the convenience of Reliance electric water heaters.

The hot water tank for the Reliance 6 10 SOMSK unit, is glass lined, and comes with anode rods attached. The rods allow for the tank to corrode at a slower rate, giving you a much longer lifespan for it. This works even well, because Reliance will hook you up with a 6 year warranty plan, providing you with even more assurance of its water heating capabilities, and its lifespan. You’ll have even more convenience using this unit, thanks to the factory installed temperature valve and pressure valve, which makes using this model even more convenient.

Overall, the Reliance 6 10 SOMSK is a very convenient and easy to use water heater, which is helped further by the side mounted cold water and hot water inlets. It even comes with top connection points which are optional, so that you can optimize its use in your home. Even though it is easy to use, some models of this variant were told to be a bit troublesome to use by some customers, which really is its only drawback.


  • 10 gallon water capacity
  • 1650 Watt stainless steel heating element
  • Glass lined tank for more durability
  • Anode rod to minimize corrosion


  • Some found using it to be troublesome

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4. Reliance Propane Tankless Water Heater

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Next up, we have a liquid propane gas water heater, which has different heating elements when compared to electric water heaters. The Reliance TS 340 LIH is a very efficient liquid propane gas water heater, and it comes with a GPM of 8.8. This will allow you to easily supply hot water to multiple rooms and appliances in your home.

The Reliance TS 340 LIH has high efficiency when it comes to energy consumption, and will allow you to rather save money on water heating bills when being used. This is due to the energy efficiency of the heating elements and the heat exchanger being used in the models of this unit. It is also a low NOx appliance for your unit that you can get for your home. What’s even better is that it is Energy Star certified, ensuring you of its friendliness to the environment and of its high efficiency when being used. Another great feature for this Reliance water heater, is that it is tankless. The tankless models alleviate the pressure off of you from having to clean the unit every now and then, and also provides you with the comfort of hot water on demand. You can turn this unit on, and expect to get hot water almost instantly.

The Reliance TS 340 LIH tankless water heater seems to be a great choice for your home, if you want a liquid propane water heater. Not only will it decrease the future bills, but you’ll also find it to be a very worthwhile investment along with the warranty reliance it also has. One drawback that these unit’s models have is that they are a bit harder to install, and often require professionals to do it properly without voiding warranty.


  • Energy Star Qualified
  • High 8.8 GPM flow rate
  • Copper and stainless steel dual heat exchangers
  • Has a digital remote control


  • Harder to install, may require professionals

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5. Reliance 20 Gallon Electric Water Heater

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Our last product for this article of the best Reliance water heaters, involves the Reliance 6 20 SOMS K. This is yet another small and compact model that can be easily placed around your home, wherever you may need them. These models also have cold water and hot water inlets on the sides, to be more convenient for you, to place anywhere you need.

The Reliance 6 20 SOMS K can hold 20 gallons of water with ease, and this is very useful for any water heater tank that can be placed in small places around your home. The tank itself is glass lined, and the heater comes with a stainless steel heating element, making sure the heating efficiency for this product is top notch. More features include the factory installed temperature valve and pressure valve, making the use of this product very convenient. As far as Reliance electric water heaters go, this one does a great job of being useful! It even comes with anode rods built into the tank, making sure it lasts longer from problems such as corrosion.

Overall, the Reliance 6 20 SOMS K is definitely a worthy investment, and it will provide you with hot water for a long time, without many problems! A few problems some customers faced was with receiving a dented product, but the water heater itself shows no problems in functionality!


  • 1 Inch foam insulation
  • Easy to install due to side inlet and outlet
  • 20 gallon capacity
  • Comes with anode rod for minimal corrosion


  • Some users reported receiving dented products

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Reliance Gas Water Heaters

Reliance is a big company, and electric water heaters are not the only products they make! So, our next group of products include the gas tank water heaters from Reliance. What are Gas tank water heaters though? They are usually more efficient and overall better for the environment when compared to the electric water heaters, and this is due to a few components.

They have a lot of versatility about them, in terms of installation and what you want out of them.  Before we take a look at some of the best ones, let’s learn as to why they are considered to be so good.

Reliance Gas Water Heater Features

Reliance gas tank water heaters feature an impeccable capacity ranging from 30 to 100 gallons based on the model you choose, among an amazing selection. The minimum warranty on the models they have are 6 years, with some having a 12 year warranty available!

You’ll also be sure to find certification from various institutions which verify the validity of the claims made by Reliance, to help you gain more assurance of these products and their utility. These include LEED and ENERGY STAR.

One of the best features of Reliance tank water heater models is their self cleaning technology, which not only provides optimized usage, but also prolongs the lifespan of these water heaters. To satiate those with an environment friendly mindset, these come with a Low NOx or Ultra Low NOx rating as well!

Here are some of the best ones for you!

Reliance 6-40-NOCT Natural Gas Water HeaterWeight: 150 PoundsType: Natural Gas Water HeaterCapacity: 40 GallonsCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance 6-30-NOCT Tall Natural Gas Water HeaterWeight: 123 PoundsType: Tall Natural Gas Water HeaterCapacity: 30 GallonsCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance 9-40-NKCT400 Natural Gas Water HeaterWeight: 150 PoundsType: Natural Gas Water Heater
Capacity: 40 Gallons
Check Price on Amazon
Reliance 6 50 YRVIT Natural Gas Water HeaterWeight: 192 PoundsType:Power Vent/ Direct Vent Natural Gas Water HeaterCapacity: 50 GallonsCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance 6-30-NORBS Natural Gas Water HeaterWeight: 110 PoundsType: Short Natural Gas Water HeaterCapacity: 30 GallonsCheck Price on Amazon

Reliance Tankless Water Heaters

There are people who want to get some more of the fancier technology out there, and we understand why! The tankless models are becoming more prevalent throughout households nowadays, and this is due to their ergonomic creation. Taking less space and providing instantaneous hot water has made them very popular in the market.

Reliance Tankless Water Heater Features

Reliance have also started boasting numerous models in the tankless department, and they have also added in various perks that make them quite valuable. Many of these models come with LEED and ENERGY STAR ratings just like their gas counterparts.

The tankless water heaters also include many models that can be controlled remotely, usually via a remote control. Many even have an LCD screen, making any adjustments quite easy to do. You’ll also save quite a bit of money on energy, with their efficient energy transference thanks to the heat exchangers which are built out of stainless steel. Overall, Reliance has really upped the game with their tankless water heaters.

Here are some of the best ones for you!

Reliance TS-540-GIH Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water HeaterWeight: 69 PoundsType: Indoor Tankless Propane Water HeaterCertified: Yes, Energy StarCheck Price on Amazon
Reliance TS-340 Indoor Tankless Propane Water HeaterWeight: 69 PoundsType: Indoor Tankless Propane Water HeaterCertified: Yes, Energy StarCheck Price on Amazon

Why Choose Reliance?

Reliance is a world renowned name for products, and the same goes for them in the water heater market. If it isn’t already obvious to you from our Reliance water heater reviews, then let’s take a look at some of their features that make them and their water heaters so desirable on the market.

Reliance has Self-Cleaning Feature

There is definitely more to it though, like what features make it better? Well, Reliance models come with an in-built self-cleaning feature, and this helps prolong the model’s life for a drastic period of time.

With the self cleaning technology that Reliance have, you will be able to ensure that your tank always has its sediment in a moving state, making sure they do not have time to settle down, and cause a buildup. So, you will always have a full tank, have efficient heating, and reduce chances for any leaks!


In a water heater that Doesn’t have Self-Cleaning Feature

With a traditional water heater that does not have this technology, you get a few very costly issues that build up over time. When heating water, tanks are bound to fill up with sediment over a period of time, but this problem, if it keeps getting worse, is very bad in the long-run. The tank loses capacity for hot water, as the sediment buildup keeps taking space. You’ll also find that the efficiency of the water heater is lower overall. The heating elements within the tank get clogged up and surrounded by the sediment, making heat transference much more inefficient. This problem can in the end lead to leaking of the tank, which just renders your whole setup useless.

Reliance self cleaning feature

Durability and Lifespan

Reliance water heaters are known for providing very well built products, as seen with some examples from our reviews. These water heaters come with glass lined tanks, which help the tank in being durable for a long time, with more heat retention and durability. On top of that, a lot of the water heaters have tanks with anode rods built into them. These anode rods help keep the tanks from becoming corroded for a longer period of time, thus increasing the time you can use them for.


A Reliance water heater will often come with long term warranties, for the whole product and for its different parts. This is mainly because Reliance water heaters are known for being made of top notch quality materials, making the manufacturer have belief in the products. Most of the products we showcased in our reviews, have a 6 year warranty on the water heaters, and that speaks for itself. Water heaters are a long term investment anyways, and even people who have used Reliance water heaters have left reviews stating that the longevity for their water heater was impressive.


Reliance produces water heaters that have more than a few efficient features. Whether it be for electric or natural gas water heaters, Reliance leaves you with some features that help you in the long run. A few tank water heater systems in our reviews have stated that the tanks come fitted with a factory installed temperature valve and pressure valve. This saves you more time, and allows you with components you need, because they are already there. These water heaters are also very friendly for the environment because of their low NOx emissions. The tankless water heater we reviewed also comes with Energy Star certification, validating these claims.

Reliance Water Heater Parts

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are looking for parts is that they need to be compatible with your water heater. If you have a Reliance brand, then it will come as no surprise that we only carry parts that are made specifically for this brand.

The following is a list of the parts that make up your Reliance water heater and what they do.

  1. Outer Shell: This part typically has an aluminum or steel jacket, but it can also be made from other materials like porcelain or iron. It protects the inner components by keeping them dry and preventing corrosion from occurring on any metal surfaces.
  2. Drain Valve: The drain valve allows you to use a garden hose to remove excess moisture that accumulates in the tank during operation without having to open it up for inspection every time.
  3. Expansion Tank: In some models, there will be an expansion tank at this location where additional air can enter when needed for heating purposes–providing more relief for the tank.
  4. Level-Control Valve: The valve regulates the water pressure inside of the tank and can be adjusted for various levels of hot water. It is an important component that ensures a reliable flow at all times.
  5. Heating Element: Provides heat to keep the tank from freezing in very cold climates.
  6. Anode Rod: Anode rods are made up of metal and they help to prevent corrosion on your water heater. The rod is usually a magnesium or zinc alloy, which helps to break down the hydrogen gas that causes corrosion in your tank.
  7. Pressure Relief Valve: One of the best ways to avoid water heater break down and save on energy costs is by installing a pressure relief valve. The PRV prevents damage from steam buildup due to fluctuations in household demand for hot water.

In some cases, an expansion/pressure relief valve might also be here to help regulate pressure when there is rapid water temperature change in the supply line and sudden rises in demand. The pressure can affect both operation of your heater as well as safety by causing a burst or damaged pipe connection inside. It will handle this and relieves the water from additional pressure that could cause a leak. It also prevents the tank from bursting or cracking, which can be dangerous for you in your home–especially if it is full of hot water at the time!


Q. Are Reliance water heaters good?

Reliance is a world renowned brand. You will see their water heaters have a lot of unique features in them, which make the water heaters more efficient and convenient to use in your home.

Q. How long do Reliance water heaters last?

Depends on the models you’re looking at. Most have a 6 year warranty, while others go up to 12. So it’s always best to check!

Q. Where are Reliance water heaters manufactured?

Reliance water heaters are manufactured in Ashland, Tennessee, under A.O. Smith Water Products Company.

Q. How often should you flush your water heater?

Flushing a water heater is very important. This will help you avoid sedimentation and mineral buildup in your water heater. Once a year is enough to help your water heater remain optimal.

The Takeaway

We hope you can come to a final conclusion on the water heater you want, from our list of the top 5 reviews that we have made. In our Reliance water heater reviews, we’ve made sure to look deeply into different types to ensure you can understand how each type differs from each other, and which would be the best for you! Whether you want a tankless water heater or one with a tank, the choice is yours! So, go out and do your research, and find the best tankless water heater or tank water heater for your home!