Marey ECO150 Review

Marey ECO150 Review in 2021 – (220V/240V Electric / Whole House)

Whether you’re remodeling your house or moving into a new one entirely, a water heater is a very important part of your home! Thus, making sure you make the right choice in that aspect is extremely important. For that reason, we’ve taken a very popular product from one of the biggest water heater brands out there and have written a Marey ECO150 review article for you! Not only will you learn all about this tankless water heater itself, but we’ll also help you in understanding the pros and cons of this product, helping you decide whether this is the right choice for you or not!

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The Marey Eco150 water heater is an electric tankless water heater unit, which means it saves you the hassle from having to deal with the maintenance of a tank unit. It also ensures that your hot water needs will be met with instantaneous delivery. An electric tankless water heater heats up the water as it passes through the heater unit, and this water heater unit comes with a 2.5 GPM water flow rate. However this GPM rate will vary depending on the weather in your area, meaning the higher the incoming water temperature, the higher the GPM. This Marey Eco unit being a two point of use water heater, and can simultaneously provide hot water to two appliances with ease.

As for power usage, the Marey Eco150 will pull around 61 amps of electricity, making you require a 70 amp double pole breaker installed in your service panel. Considering its working capability and to make sure you have hot water on demand in your home, it is best to ensure your home has a 150 amp power supply at minimum. This will ensure your home can run the water heater efficiently without any chances of malfunction.

Breakdown of the Marey Eco150 Electric Tankless Water Heater

We’ve given you a very simple overview on the entirety of the Marey Eco unit, but we feel like we need to delve deeper into the mechanism of this entire product to help you fully comprehend its features, to understand if this is the right choice for you!

Water Heater Type

This Marey Eco product is an electric tankless water heater. This means the heating mechanism in the product that delivers you endless hot water, is made up of an electric mechanism, and is powered by your power supply. Electric tankless water heaters are not only known for supplying you hot water at a fast rate, but they are also quite efficient and will save you a lot on your water heating bill in the long run.

This Marey Eco tankless electric water heater unit requires around 14.6 KW of power at around 240V. An electric tankless water heater uses an electric heating element that is built into the unit, and this allows for the water to heat up instantly as it passes through the product. The heating element in this tankless water heater consists of rods that increase in temperature, which allows the passing water to conduct the heat.

Power Consumption

As we’ve briefly mentioned, the Marey Eco tankless electric water heater needs to get around 14.6 KW of energy within a range of 220v-240v, and it will be able to provide your house hot water with ease. Not to mention, in the long run, you’ll be saving money with this for your heating costs. Different tankless water heaters however, have different requirements, and some will use more energy, but can give you a higher rate of efficiency. It all depends on what the best you think is.

Durability and Longevity

The Mary Eco150 product is a german designed water heater, as the company is German based. Not only is it built to provide you with high efficiency for optimal use, but it is also made to ensure you can easily use it at that rate for a long time. The Marey Eco150 is built using high quality materials which are also corrosion resistant, and this is very important when it comes to using anything with water. It helps your product fight off rust and sediment buildup, which is very natural when there is water in it all the time. This product also comes with a patented heating element, which further helps the case of this product in being long lasting and able to endure most problems for a long time.

Size and Storage

The Marey Eco150 is a very small and compact tankless water heater, and for that reason, you’ll find it to be very convenient. One of the best things about buying a tankless water heater is the fact that people don’t have to deal with the large amount of space required to place tanks needed for conventional water heaters. With this, you can place it almost anywhere, even under your sink if you have the space!

What’s great is that the Marey Eco150 is also a very easy to install model, making it an even more convenient choice to go with.

Water Pressure

The Marey Eco150 has a water pressure range of 5 to 85 PSI (per square inch), and it comes with 2 points of use. The hot water on demand feature means this product will be activated as soon as the faucet for it has been turned on.

Digital Interface Display

The temperature control on the Marey Eco150 is quite easy to understand and anyone can grab the hang of it without any hassle. It comes with an LCD digital display, which allows you to quickly and efficiently set the water temperature to whatever you need it to be. Not only does this make the mechanism convenient, but you can also manage to avoid any errors. This type of smart technology makes these products all the more better.


Marey tankless water heaters allow you the freedom of getting a 5 year warranty with your product, and this will help make sure that you won’t be stuck with anything that isn’t to your needs. Always good to be on the safe side!

Pros and Cons of the Marey ECO150


  • The high quality stainless steel german designed build ensures that the Marey water heater always looks good, and also doesn’t fall victim to corrosion issues and makes sure it does well with hard water. It also helps protect against chlorine and calcium (mineral) buildup. This ensures a long lasting product, even if your home has hard water.

  • Runs on 14.6 KW with a range of 220v-240v and is very efficient for your home when it comes to your water heating bills, making it a cost effective choice.

  • Includes an LCD panel which helps the user set the water temperature to whatever they want it to be with a lot of convenience. It also ensures that there is a minimal chance for any errors.

  • The water heater comes with a GPM of 2.5 on average, making sure you have enough hot water to supply to two different appliances at the same time. In warmer climates, you can even get a GPM of 4, making it even more efficient and better at getting your water heated faster.

  • These tankless water heaters come with a 5 year limited warranty, allowing you to be safe when buying them in case of any unfortunate problems.

  • This comes with easy installation, and won’t be a hassle for anyone to deal with. It also helps to know that it is very small and compact, allowing you to install it in any place that is convenient for you.


  • The manufacturer warns the users that this Marey product needs to be used within a radius of 40 feet in order to ensure the proper water pressure. Otherwise, it can cause inconsistencies in your water heating needs.


  • While it is easy to set the temperature of your water supply with the help of the LCD panel, in colder climates you’ll find that the GPM drops, making it a complicated transition during those times. You may have to transition to pre heating your water in those times.

Here, we have left a video for you on how to learn to work with the Marey ECO150, if you want to learn to get accustomed to its features. It definitely is one of the better water heaters out there on the market, and you also get great customer service when it comes to the company. So, why not learn about it with some visual aid?

Video Credit – Life On The Ridge



  1. Select an appropriate position to install your water heater, and then make sure the wires are attached correctly, and also tightened
  2. There are keyhole brackets on the rear of the water heater, which you’ll need to use to mount it
  3. The hot and cold water both have NPT connections which need to be installed, after which you’ll need to pull the valve of the inlet water to the ON position
  4. Make sure there aren’t any leakages and that the heater is connected to the power properly
  5. Let the water flow continue for a bit, and see if everything is functioning correctly.

How To Reset Back To Factory Settings On Marey Eco 150?

  1. Remove the heater from the power point at first
  2. Unscrew the bottom of the unit and take off the cover, while also taking off the temperature adjustment knob
  3. For a few seconds, allow the hot water faucet to go
  4. Start tightening the buttons on the side of the unit, until you hear a clicking noise
  5. Place the cover and the knob back on the unit.

How Do You Stop Leakage On The Back Of Marey Eco150?

If you notice any leaking, make sure to tighten the screws on the back of the water heater, or by ensuring that the nuts are tightened where the leakage is happening. 

The Takeaway

Overall, after the Marey Eco150 review we feel as though this is definitely a good product to have, and as far as electric water heaters go, you won’t be disappointed with this. If you live in a house that can be satisfied with two points of use water heater, then this will definitely meet your needs. It will work far better if you are situated in a warmer climate, as the flow rate will automatically be higher thanks to the pressure and the temperature of your water supply. Other than the point of use, the patented heating element and the corrosion resistant build of the water heater also gives it great plus points. This coupled with its smart technology really helps it leap forward. Even customer reviews have deemed this to be a good choice for those in need of a water heater. With its great features, we definitely think this ETL approved water heater is a good choice for your hot water solution!

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