Eemax Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Winter is coming? Looking for the best tankless water heater for your home?

Let’s have a look at the Eemax tankless water heater reviews for your solution.

In the era of advanced technology, a lot of electrical devices has invented to make your life easy. A water heater is an invention of modern technology for heating water. A water heater is a device that supplies hot water in every climate, whenever you want. There are generally two types of water heaters we can find. One is a water heater with a tank and the other is a tankless water heater,

Water heaters with tanks need more space to adjust and you will find it a bit complex to adjust it anywhere in the house. You can get a high amount of water there around 20 to 80 gallons. That’s why it will provide more water for several showers at the same time. But they waste energy near about 15%.

Typically, an Eemax electric tankless water heater has no storage tank and can supply a nonstop hot water supply 24 hours a day. Of its small physical size without storage, you can set it near the user area. The tankless water heaters can be only activated when you need this and they consume 30 to 50 percent less energy per unit, in comparison to the heaters with the tank. This will save your electric bill around $100 per year.

eemax electric tankless water heater review

Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater (Blue)

This Eemax EEM24018 has gained a lot of popularity by this year and can be very useful in cold weather. It can continuously supply hot water to take a shower or sink simultaneously. In hot weather, you can take three showers or sinks at the same time. If you can ensure a perfect setup for this 18KW Eemax 24018 tankless water heater, it will provide a continuous supply of hot water for sure.

Some Special Features:

Here are some special characteristics for why I recommend this product:

  • You can get a continuous and nonstop supply of hot water in a quick time.
  • The structure of an Eemax water heater parts is stylish, strong, and resistant. It has a digital temperature control system if you want to increase 1℉ temperature within a range of 80℉  to 140℉.
  • This Eemax 24018  has Copper Emerson heating elements. It contains brass on the top, increasing its durability and some threads for easy replacement.
  • You can install this very simply. It has a 3/4′ electric cable included and 1/2″ CF that will connect water for an easy installation.
  • For not have a tank, you can mount it on a wall.
  • It has a higher expected life span, of around 20 years.
  • It has a thermo-optical sensor. This will protect you from steamed air or inappropriate settlement.
  • It is 99.8% energy efficient.
  • You will need 2 x 40 Amp breakers engaged, 2 x 8 AWG wires, and 240-Volt electricity to set up an Eemax EEM 24018 tankless water heater.
  • 0.25 GPM turn on
  • In cold weather, you will get enough water for 1 shower.
  • In hot weather, you will get enough water for 2 showers concurrently
  • It can be a useful asset in saving space, energy, and water.
  • You will get a 5-year warranty for the leaks and a 1-year warranty for the products.

Eemax home advantage:  With the supply of continuous and nonstop hot water, two showers at the same time, and small physical size with a maximum flow of water whenever you need; has made it one of the best products for your home.

Disadvantages of Eemax Electric Tankless Water Heater

Every element has a negative side like the flower has insects. So, this Eemax 24018 electric tankless water heater has some limitations. They are:

  • You have to invest a lot of money (almost twice that of a conventional water heater) to buy a tankless water heater.
  • To hold the warranty, you need additional maintenance.
  • You have to invest a lot of money to install the tankless water heater if you set it up with the pipe.
  • This may not supply enough water at the same time. So you can not use it in big houses or a factory. It is suitable for small houses, studios, etc.

Installation & Management:

For setting up the heater, you have to follow the Eemax water heater manual. That says:

  • It is better to install the product in an indoor condition. You can set it outdoors, if you can ensure protection against dust, rain, freeze, direct sunlight, splashed water, and insects.
  • You have to mount your water heater by keeping the flammable materials at least 24 inches away from your water heater and the hot water outlet pipe.
  • Then you have to install the plumb. After plumbing, you have to check all the connections. keep away from soldering the pipe, as it will damage the flow of water. Install a pressure-reducing valve if the water pressure is high.
  • Then you have to install all the electrical lines properly. Otherwise, you may face serious injury or may fall to death. After that, you have to check the connection. If you mix up one set of wires with another, your device will not work properly.
  • Now your heater is ready to use. Just put the switch on when you need it and enjoy hot water.


Here is some Eemax water heater troubleshooting issue:

  • The water heater is not heating at all: This problem can be seen with two signs, light off and light on of the digital display. If the light is off, there can be no power or an incorrect wiring issue. In this case, check the power connection and wring. Also, it can happen, if the flow rate is below 0.3 GPM. So, you have to increase the flow rate. If the light is on, call for assistance.
  • The water heater is heating but the water temperature is not hot: The possible reasons behind this are a crossed wiring, high flow rate, low-temperature setting, mixing too much cold water, and keeping voltage less than 240V. Take the proper step, to fix those issues. If you cannot do so, take the help of the assistants.

Bottom Line:

From the above-discussed Eemax Tankless Water Heater Reviews, we can get a good idea of which water heater we should use. But the Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater is a great buy for you in the modern technology of water heating.