Hi, I’m Scott Wall, who is a trained Hydrologist, and a Blogger of waterheaterspro.com

So you have already come to know my line of enthusiasm is everything related to water, and I’m here to reveal it to you.

Why Do I Start Blogging in this Site

A few years ago, I switch to the tank to the tankless water heater and that was my biggest win earlier. As a hydrologist I found some key reasons to do so and effectively sort out which product should consider and which are not. Since then I’m getting the instant hot water for myself and help many neighbors around me. 

Afterward, the local many business and other institutions come to me ask for help. I really feel glad to help them and believe me they all remember my name! By the way, My residence is in North Dakota, which is so far one of the coldest regions in the USA, so here getting the hot water is definitely a blessing for us. People who are living here, may not tell you the time when they didn’t use hot water. 

As the water heater is a part of my life so I discovered many hacks. Most importantly, the maintenance part is the main stuff every people should know when they want to keep the expensive water heater lasting for years. My in-depth knowledge will definitely help every reader of this blog and that’s why I’m all ears to you. I will share with you which would be the best tankless water heater for you in every detail review post so that you may shop the best one right away!

Thanks for stalking around my blog and keep reading!